Aerodium’s multi-purpose vertical wind tunnels


Aerodium vertical wind tunnels can be used in many different ways, ranging from events or festivals to turn-key integration into existing facilities
Be the first in your region to provide a fun and unforgettable flying experience for the whole family with Aerodium open wind tunnels.
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Provide a family friendly attraction  and capitalize on a unique flying experience with our indoor and outdoor wind tunnel solutions.


Bring the WOW factor to your event, product launch, or brand promotion with flying people powered by our mobile units.


Amaze spectators with a spectacular flying show made possible with our custom solutions. Sky’s the limit!

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Capture true to life skydiving action scenes for the next blockbuster or commercial. Tried and trusted by Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise!


Train combat-ready paratroopers and spec ops forces in a controlled environment. Even with a full tactical loadout!


Master the art of flight in freestyle, dynamic, and formation flying in our high performance wind tunnels.

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Be the first in your region to provide a fun and unforgettable flying experience for the whole family with Aerodium open wind tunnels.
ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. Sell “flying time” in the wind tunnel, related merchandise, food and beverages.
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EVENTS that need a unique promotional platform or highlight, can make use of a skydiving vertical wind tunnel.
Artistic culmination during the Winter Olympic Games Closing ceremony – flying acrobats’ show “The dream of flying.” This was the world’s first flight show that featured a wind tunnel and flying people.
AERODIUM is the only company in the world using the wind tunnel technology to create unique flight shows.
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ACTION MOVIES with flying scenes are best filmed in Aerodium wind tunnels. Just ask Tom Cruise or Jackie Chan!
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SIMULATE parachuting and train tactical bodyflight movements in a safe and controlled environment.
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SKYDIVERS can train skills, movements, even B.A.S.E. jumping and simulate free-fall during extended periods of time.


Choose your vertical wind tunnel type

We produce a wide range of models from entry to PRO level, and also design custom models for unique applications. All models are split into two categories, which differ by technology and installation.
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Open-air wind tunnels for shows, marketing events, and public entertainment.

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Enclosed tunnels for public entertainment, pro indoor skydiving, and military training.



Our highlights at a glance

We are proud to be a pioneer of indoor skydiving technologies and we are striving to surprise the world with something new and unseen.

Winter Olympics closing ceremony at the Stadio Olimpico

2006. The first flying acrobats show. The "Wind Machine" featured in the closing ceremony with flying acrobats performing an aerial ballet

Wall-less indoor recirculation wind tunnel

The world’s first wall-less recirculation wind tunnel for theme show business at “Shanghai Disney Resort”, performed more than 10'000 times

World’s largest skydiving wind tunnel

Named Peryton the wind tunnel is an epic beast. 6.5m x 3.5m large flight zone. Up to 7 flyers can fly simultaneously.


Our most current work

Here are a few projects that we have been recently working on.


The first indoor skydiving in Macau. Opening soon


Brand promotion across China

South Korea

Most compact indoor skydiving model R2 for direct implementation into the shopping mall


  1. 1979. The world's first public wind tunnel

    July 1st, 1979
    The world’s first public wind tunnel for customer entertainment at AERODIUM, Canada.

    In 1979 the Canadian inventor Jean Saint – Germain came up with the idea of the first vertical wind tunnel for bodyflight. Saint – Germain, who was a former parachutist in the army, owned two parachute schools as he came to the idea that an AERODIUM would help his students to practice free falling more efficiently. The first commercial wind tunnel was opened in Saint Simon de Bagot, 50 miles east of Montreal. 

  2. 2006. The first flying acrobats show

    February 2nd, 2006
    The world’s first flying acrobat show at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

    The flight show and a custom-built wind tunnel by AERODIUM was a milestone in vertical wind tunnel history. Most people had never seen a vertical wind tunnel before and were fascinated by the flying humans with no wires attached. After that, interest in a unique flight activity was rapidly growing.

  3. 2010. The first fully transparent glass flight chamber

    February 2nd, 2010
    The world’s first recirculation wind tunnel with a fully transparent glass flight chamber at “World EXPO 2010”, China.

    A custom-built, fully transparent glass flight chamber wind tunnel was exhibited at the Latvian pavilion at the “World EXPO 2010” in China. Another first in the industry. AERODIUM was the pavilion’s general contractor and presented shows to the visitors every 30 minutes during a period of 6 months. It gathered large crowds and offered a chance for VIPs to train and fly in the tunnel. A fully transparent recirculation wind tunnel gave a 360-degree viewing area for the spectators allowing them to be closer to the action.

  4. 2013. The first indoor B.A.S.E jump

    April 17th, 2013
    The world’s first wind tunnel with an indoor b.a.s.e. jump at “Sirius Sport Resort”, Finland.

    AERODIUM introduced the first B.A.S.E. jump chamber integrated into an indoor wind tunnel for experienced flyers simulating a B.A.S.E. jump exit in a controlled environment and setting a new standard in the wind tunnel industry. The wind tunnel featured a 12-meter flight chamber of which 9 meters were made from fully transparent glass.

  5. 2015. The first flight amphitheater

    February 2nd, 2015
    The world’s first flight amphitheater for shows and public flying in Dengfeng, China.

    “Flying Dream” is a spectacle, which combines architecture, centuries-old traditions, and technology. On sacred Mount Shongshang, “The Centre of Heaven and Earth”, over 200 kung-fu masters, singers, dancers, and flying monks amaze spectators with an incredible show. The wind tunnel features a unique open-air flight zone, where aerial acrobats can soar up to 15 meters high during performances, and an enclosed flying area for safe customer flights, making the dream of flight accessible to everyone.

  6. 2016. The tallest glass flight chamber

    February 24th, 2016
    Recirculation wind tunnel with the tallest glass chamber in the world (12m) at “Gravity Indoor Skydiving”, Bahrain.

    AERODIUM built the tallest glass flight chamber for our high-performance R4 wind tunnel designed professional flyers. In 2018 “Gravity Indoor Skydiving” hosted the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, bringing together the world’s best indoor skydivers where spectators and competitors could enjoy the unmatched views both inside and outside the tunnel. The tunnel is not only fully transparent but also includes an indoor B.A.S.E. jump chamber for professionals.

  7. 2016. The first open recirculation wind tunnel

    March 9th, 2016
    The world’s first open recirculation wind tunnel for shows at “Shanghai Disney Resort”, China.

    AERODIUM created a custom made, themed flying show solution for Disneyland Shanghai’s “Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular” – a 30-minute long show with flying people as the high point of the spectacle. The show features one of a kind open-recirculation wind tunnel technology built right into the show stage. AERODIUM designed, manufactured, and implemented the “Storm” show solution and with continuous technical support and maintenance is continuing to amaze spectators with no downtime since 2016.

  8. 2017. Next generation open-air vertical wind tunnel

    December 11th, 2017
    Affordable, movable, and safe open-air wind tunnel for customer flights, events, and performances.

    AERODIUM made a huge leap from previous open-air models to a completely new machine designed for safe customer flights, intermediate flyers training, and show performance purposes. The O2 features a 3-level safety system, including a patented fall absorbing safety cushion, Sonic Dampening Tech reducing the noise to the levels of a conventional vacuum cleaner in the spectator area, and a small footprint that does not require major construction. The O2 is an affordable option for seasonal locations, rental events, and performances with integration options indoors.

  9. 2018. World's largest wind tunnel

    September 5th, 2018
    AERODIUM Peryton – the world’s largest open-air wind tunnel with 6,5m x 3,5m (21,3ft x 11,5ft) large flight zone.

    The AERODIUM team was tasked to accomplish a seemingly impossible mission. Build the world’s largest open-air wind tunnel in just under three months for Hollywood’s top blockbuster “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” with Tom Cruise. Four independent fans provide a fast and smooth airflow, which can be powered via an electric grid or diesel generators. With a flight area of 23 square meters (248 square feet), it is the largest open-flow vertical wind tunnel in the world. AERODIUM provided the technology, on set coordination, and stunt training to safely capture on film one of the most ambitious skydiving action scenes ever filmed. The wind tunnel and the AERODIUM flight instructors, already dubbed the “Wind Tunnel Ninjas” in the film industry, are in action working on a number of Hollywood blockbustesrs premiering in 2020.

  10. 2019. World's most compact indoor skydiving unit

    February 3rd, 2019
    World’s most compact indoor skydiving wind tunnel, South Korea, 2019.

    With the R2 model, AERODIUM took the plug and play concept to the indoor skydiving industry and created the first plug and fly wind tunnel! We made it our goal to develop a wind tunnel that is easy and cost-effective to install, requires low operational costs, and provides an unforgettable customer experience at its core design. Thanks to its modular design, it is quick and easy to install, allowing seamless integration into a new or existing building with minimal civil works. Unlike any other recirculation wind tunnel, the R2 is a fully self-contained structure. It can be lifted in through the roof or an opening in the wall, and be ready for use without the need for heavy construction. With a footprint of just 90 square meters (972 square feet), this is the most compact recirculation wind tunnel in the industry.



What our clients have to say about us

Main takeaways from the "Aerodium experience".
Tom CruiseJake Schenk, General Director Aaron ParkinsonPatrick PiresJackie Chan
We trained on that [Peryton], just to figure out how are we gonna do this? Positions, lighting, the gear, testing the helmet. We couldn't have done it without the wind tunnel.
Tom Cruise
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
"People are driving by, they see it, it's something that draws people in! It's an advertising billboard for us!"
Jake Schenk, General Director
Fritz's Aerodium in Branson, USA
"The wind tunnel has been a huge addition for the customer to see something fresh and exciting"
Aaron Parkinson
Owner of SuperFlight.Zone Miami, USA
"Influencers want to experience, they want to share with others what they feel here, they want to get to fly!"
Patrick Pires
Marketing & Communications Director, SuperFlight Zone
"It was very, very hard work. I was very proud after I finished it. Now I am able to say that I once shot a wind tunnel flying scene!"
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan, Hong Konger martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer.


We are established industry player

Meet us at international exhibitions and trade shows!
Sep 2022
IAAPA Expo Europe, London, UK, 2022
IAAPA Expo Europe is the leisure industry’s premiere event in Europe. September 13th – 15th, 2022.
Nov 2022
IAAPA Expo, Orlando, FL, US, 2022
IAAPA Expo is the global attractions industry’s premiere event. Dates to be announced, 2022.

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