Shaolin, China

“Flying Dream” is a spectacle, which combines architecture, centuries-old traditions, and technology. On sacred Mount Shongshang, “The Centre of Heaven and Earth”, over 200 kung-fu masters, singers, dancers, and flying monks amaze spectators with an incredible show. The wind tunnel features a unique open-air flight zone, where aerial acrobats can soar up to 15 meters high during performances, and an enclosed flying area for safe customer flights, making the dream of flight accessible to everyone. The documentary movie “Flying Monks Temple” provides an insight into the development of this project.



  • Aerodynamic flow simulations CFD
  • Environment noise emission simulations
  • Structural calculations for dynamically loaded applications
  • Composite material calculations
  • Steel and aluminum structure calculations
  • Structural fatigue calculations


  • Safety net calculation and design
  • Electrical application design
  • Industrial automation
  • Detailed 3D CAD modeling
  • 2D CAD drafting

Manufacturing and installation

  • Production subcontracting
  • Production quality control
  • Mechanical and structural installation and supervision
  • Low voltage electrical installation


  • Flight show choreography
  • Flight acrobat training
  • Custom themed flight equipment
  • Customer flights
  • Creative direction