Success Amidst War

Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, AERODIUM Kyiv has not only stayed afloat but soared to impressive heights, proving that even in tough times, success can be achieved.

Anna Luzniece

From mistake to success

In a remarkable journey from financial adversity and technical setbacks to pioneering the art of human flight, Ivars Beitans, the visionary of “AERODIUM,” shares his inspiring tale of turning a colossal mistake into a soaring success.

Anna Luzniece

Even wars can’t stop us

AERODIUM owner Ivars Beitans shares his challenges in building a vertical wind tunnel in Ukraine during war time.

Egils Dancis

Ukraine’s new indoor skydiving haven

Indoor skydiving is soaring to new heights in Ukraine’s Respublika Park, promising breathtaking thrills, innovative safety measures, and a powerful testament to resilience.

Anna Luzniece