SIA Aerodium Technologies, 01.11.2022 starts a research project ( ) on the development of the world’s smallest recirculating wind tunnel with a high-quality wind flow and cooling system, which can be installed in amusement parks and shopping centers with limited ceiling height. Support is received from EU funds, the funding allocated by the European Regional Development Fund is EUR 140,000.00.

Aerodium Technologies engineers completed aerodynamic simulations and designed the aerodynamic shape of the R1 recirculating vertical wind tunnel. We utilized our expertise in aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, and computer-aided design to achieve set goals for its dimensions and motor power.

In addition, the engineers defined an automation process to manage the customer experience from arrival to the end of the flight. These tasks required close collaboration and communication among the engineering team, as well as extensive simulations to ensure the final product met Aerodium’s high standards for safety, performance, and customer satisfaction

1st stage from 01.11.2022 to 30.04.2023

Completed activities: Evaluation – Tunnel compliance with attraction standards – assessment – Defined requirements for future equipment certification according to EN 13814.

The final sketch of the tunnel concept – defining the dimensions of the tunnel and dividing it into components (simplified 3D model in SolidWorks environment).

Floor plan of administrative spaces – Defined customer flow scheme, floor plan of administrative areas, based on which the operational logic, equipment, etc. were subsequently arranged.

Functional description of the automation system – Functional description of the vertical wind tunnel’s automation system.

  • Equipment layout sketch.
  • Electrical schematic with potential equipment connections.
  • Signal exchange table.

Development of automation system operation logic:

  • Equipment layout sketch
  • Potential list of equipment types,
    sensor test results.
  • Single-line block diagram with equipment layout.

2nd stage from 01.05. – 31.07.
Completed activities:

Research of possible cooling system solutions – finding the most suitable solution for R1 tunnel concept cooling

Functional description of the automation system – Functional desctription of the vertical wind tunne’s automation system

  • Tunnel set speed station logic
  • Data and algirtm for tunnel set speed
  • Tunnel safety sensor tests

Automation system development

  • Basic description of program development
  • Software development started.