Making people fly since 1979


We are the world leaders in the production of custom-made vertical wind tunnels and in the provision of flight shows. We design, manufacture, install, and operate vertical wind tunnels for different functions all over the world. These include: entertainment, indoor skydiving, show business and brand promotional events, movies, and military training.

We operate inspired by a mission – to provide the best flying experience, and to show that the impossible can be achieved!

AERODIUM is the original inventor of vertical wind tunnels for public entertainment.



In 1979 the Canadian inventor Jean Saint-Germain came up with the idea of a vertical wind tunnel for bodyflight. The first commercial wind tunnel was opened in Saint Simon de Bagot, 50 miles east of Montreal.

Jean Saint-Germain, who was a former parachutist in the army, owned two parachute schools as he came to the idea that an AERODIUM would help his students to practice free falling more efficiently.


The flight show and a custom-built wind tunnel by AERODIUM at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy was a milestone in vertical wind tunnel history.

Most people had never seen a vertical wind tunnel before and were fascinated by the flying humans with no wires attached. After that, interest in a unique flight activity was rapidly growing.


A custom-built, fully transparent glass flight chamber wind tunnel was exhibited at the Latvian pavilion at the “World EXPO 2010” in China. AERODIUM was the pavilion’s general contractor and presented shows to the visitors every 30 minutes during a period of 6 months.

It gathered large crowds and offered a chance for VIPs to train and fly in the tunnel. A fully transparent recirculation wind tunnel gave a 360-degree viewing area for the spectators allowing them to be closer to the action. This pavilion was visited by more than 10’000 people per day and was nominated among Top 10 pavilions.


AERODIUM introduced the first B.A.S.E. jump chamber integrated into an indoor wind tunnel at “Sirius Sport Resort” in Finland.

It is designed for experienced flyers simulating a B.A.S.E. jump exit in a controlled environment setting a new standard in the wind tunnel industry. The wind tunnel featured a 12-meter flight chamber of which 9 meters were made from fully transparent glass.


Custom-made tunnel for shows and public flying in Dengfeng, China. It combines architecture, centuries-old traditions, and technology. On sacred Mount Shongshang, over 200 kung-fu masters, singers, dancers, and flying monks amaze spectators with an incredible show.

The wind tunnel features a unique open-air flight zone, where aerial acrobats can soar up to 15 meters high during performances, and an enclosed flying area for safe customer flights, making the dream of flight accessible to everyone.


AERODIUM created a custom made, themed tunnel for “Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular” at “Shanghai Disney Resort”, China.

It is a 30-minute long show that features one of a kind open-recirculation wind tunnel technology built right into the show stage and flying people as the high point of the spectacle.

AERODIUM designed, manufactured, and implemented the “Storm” show solution and with continuous technical support and maintenance is continuing to amaze spectators with no downtime since 2016.


At the opening in 2015, this tunnel had the tallest glass flight chamber in the World (12m). It is operated under the name “Gravity Indoor Skydiving” in Bahrain. The tunnel is not only fully transparent but also includes an indoor B.A.S.E. jump chamber for pro-flyers.

In 2018 “Gravity Indoor Skydiving” hosted the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, bringing together the world’s best flyers. Spectators and competitors could all enjoy the amazing performances.


AERODIUM made a huge leap from previous open-air models to a completely new machine designed for safe customer flights, intermediate flyers training, and show performance purposes.

The O2 has a small footprint that does not require major construction. It features a 3-level safety system, including a patented fall absorbing safety cushion, Sonic Dampening Tech that significantly reduces the noise in the spectator area.


The AERODIUM team was tasked to accomplish a seemingly impossible mission. Build the world’s largest open-air wind tunnel in just under three months for Hollywood’s top blockbuster “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” with Tom Cruise.

Four independent fans provide a fast and smooth airflow, which can be powered via an electric grid or diesel generators. With a flight area of 23 square meters (248 square feet), it is the largest open-flow vertical wind tunnel in the world.


With the R2 model, AERODIUM took the plug and play concept and created the first plug and fly wind tunnel in Seoul, South Korea. It is cost-effective to install, requires low operational costs, and provides an unforgettable customer experience.

Thanks to its modular design, it can be integrated into a new or existing building with minimal civil works. The R2 model has a fully self-contained structure, can be lifted through the roof or an opening in the wall, and be ready for use without the need for heavy construction.


Open-air Permanent model features a unique and patented technology that absorbs the noise at the source. Coupling that with noise-absorbing inlet and outlet channels, AERODIUM built a revolutionary quiet wind tunnel. And thanks to advancements in airflow technology it has a game-changing smooth airflow.

Another thing that sets this tunnel apart from others is the integrated support building. Support premises like reception, training and gear- up rooms are integrated into this concept, what makes it very compact and self-sufficient.


Research project
SIA Aerodium Technologies, 01.11.2022 starts a research project ( ) on the development of the world’s smallest recirculating wind tunnel with a high-quality wind flow and cooling system, which can be installed in amusement parks and shopping centers with limited ceiling height.
Support is received from EU funds, the funding allocated by the European Regional Development Fund is EUR 140,000.00.

Aerodium Technologies engineers completed aerodynamic simulations and designed the aerodynamic shape of the R1 recirculating vertical wind tunnel. We utilized our expertise in aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, and computer-aided design to achieve set goals for its dimensions and motor power.
In addition, the engineers defined an automation process to manage the customer experience from arrival to the end of the flight. These tasks required close collaboration and communication among the engineering team, as well as extensive simulations to ensure the final product met Aerodium’s high standards for safety, performance, and customer satisfaction

Project “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana”
SIA Aerodium Technologies has concluded contract No. SKV – L – 2016/81, on April 21st, 2016 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia program “Izaugsme un nodarbinātība 3.2.1 of the specific support objective “Palielināt augstas pievienotās vērtības produktu un pakalpojumu eksporta proporciju” in measure “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana”.