• Acrobatic shows, with 2 performers flying up to 15 m (49 ft) above ground, various themed accessories and props available
  • Customer experience flights for single flyers and tandems. Anyone can fly starting from the age of 4. Up to 120 kg (250 pounds) flyers are accepted
  • Brand promoting events with easy to install branding options like wraparound banner, branded flight suits and helmets, flags etc.
  • Compact transportation (all technology fits in two HC 40′ containers or same size semi-trailers)
  • Electric engine to comply with show business requirements
  • Integration into show stage or themed decorations possible
  • Removable side nets for better visibility in shows or promotional events
  • In a cost-efficient way installation takes 24 hours. However, if necessary we can reduce installation time down to 9 hours with additional staff involvement
  • Technology of this wind tunnel is made simple and relatively easy to install on any hard surface. Wind tunnel has adjustable pads to level it out
  • No foundation required
  • No damages to surface will be left after our operation
  • Compact footprint: Diameter of the wind tunnel on ground is 12.5m  (41ft) plus staircase to access the flying area on one side
  • Available for short term rental for any type of events, shows, ceremonies
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Rental package provided by our company includes: shipping, assembly, technical supervision, operation, flight instructors, flight equipment for customers, accessories for shows, branding of wind tunnel and flight equipment, show accessories if necessary and project management
  • Local partnerhas to provide: ready to use land, electrical supply, local insurance and permissions if required
  • Possible to run indoors for shows, events and customer entertainment
  • Required dimensions (W x L x H) for suitable building has to be at least 16m x 16m x 16m (52.5ft x 52.5ft x 52.5ft)

2 flyers

Max simultaneous PRO flyers

2,1 m (6,9 ft)

Diameter of the flight zone

1000 kVA 3 phase

Required power connection

75 dBA

Noise in the spectator area

215 km/h (134 mph)

Max air flow velocity

300 kW / 630 kW

Average power used per hour / Nominal electric power

12,5 m (41 ft)

Diameter of a wind tunnel

7,1 m (23 ft)

Height of a wind tunnel


Motor type

Anyone can fly starting at the age 4! Flying in an open-air wind tunnel or skydiving simulator is safe, no previous experience needed. This unique activity is an exciting experience for everybody, and has to be included in everyone’s bucket list.

Flying acrobats show is a unique accent for your event. Acrobats can fly up to 15 m (50 ft)!

We are experienced in creating flight shows for the Olympic Games, Disneyland, F1, Superman Returns, NFL Draft, Mercedes- Benz, Under Armour and many others.

Flying is an extra-ordinary theme for your marketing campaign that allows to give benefits to your existing customers or to attract new ones. Possible to brand a wind tunnel wrap banner, flight equipment, flight show accessories.

We have promoted brands for Mercedes-Benz, Under Armour, NFL Draft, Superman Returns, Red Bull and many others.

We offer to film real flight scenes and adjust a wind tunnel for the movie industry and TV commercial filming requirements.

We have adjusted a wind tunnel and trained Jackie Chan for his movie “Chinese Zodiac” and Tom Cruise for “Mission Impossible: Fallout”.