8 flyers

Max simultaneous PRO flyers

5,2 m (17,1 ft)

Diameter of the flight zone

15 m (49,2 ft)

Flight zone height

69 dBA

Noise in the spectator area

275 km/h (172 mph)

Max air flow velocity

650 kW / 1890 kW

Average power used per hour / Nominal electric power

30,6 m (100,4 ft)

Length of a wind tunnel

17,1 m (56,1 ft)

Width of a wind tunnel

31,5 m (103,3 ft)

Height of a wind tunnel

Anyone can fly starting at the age 4! Flying in an open-air wind tunnel or skydiving simulator is safe, no previous experience needed. This unique activity is an exciting experience for everybody, and has to be included in everyone’s bucket list.

The tunnel perfectly fits all requirements for professional indoor skydiver training and growing PRO skydiver community around the world.

R5 model allows to organise large scale indoor skydiving competitions in all major disciplines.

Paratroopers and special forces train essential skills for skydiving in any weather conditions.