Realistic flying for movies, advertisements, and the fashion industry

A vertical wind tunnel provides a safe environment, that allows for the creation of a realistic flying simulation. Audiences will appreciate this authenticity, when watching your film or commercial.


We provide our flying acrobats and stunt doubles, who can perform extraordinary tricks in your project, or help teach your actors how to fly!

We offer 

Customized wind tunnel 

Open vertical wind tunnel, and its installation, in any filming area outdoors or indoors (installation time  12 – 24h). Adaptation of a wind tunnel for filming available: blue safety mattresses, blue walls etc.

Professional flyers & stunt doubles

Professional flying acrobats can fly as the stars of your film or commercial, or simply act as stunt doubles for your main actor.

Flight training course

Our intense flight training will help the actor learn professional flying skills in a very short period of time.

Customized flight equipment

Flight equipment for acrobats and actors– including flight suits, helmets & goggles. May be branded or adapted to fit a particular movie or commercial theme.

Operation & maintenance

On-site or online operational and technical support as well as regular maintenance checks are available.

Reference projects