Spectators had to pinch themselves as they watched Peter Pan fly above the stage without wires for the musical Peter Pan – The Never Ending Story. The “World Arena Tour” was a high-flying, hi-tech fantasy adventure spectacle with a combined 50 shows in Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and London that featured a mobile, outdoor wind tunnel specially designed for indoor use and touring. AERODIUM designed and manufactured a custom wind tunnel, provided stunt doubles, custom flight equipment, and training for the show.

Latest technologies not only ensure that the open wind tunnel can be operated inside premises, but also a possibility to build it into the stage, less noise, better visibility and only 5 hours of the mounting time.



  • Aerodynamic flow simulations CFD
  • Structural calculations for dynamically loaded applications
  • Steel and aluminum structure calculations
  • Structural fatigue calculations


  • Safety net calculation and design
  • Safety cushion calculations and design
  • Electrical application design
  • Industrial automation
  • Detailed 3D CAD modeling
  • 2D CAD drafting

Manufacturing & installation

  • Production subcontracting
  • Production quality control
  • Mechanical and structural installation and supervision
  • Low voltage electrical installation


  • Flight show choreography
  • Flight acrobat training
  • Custom themed flight equipment
  • Stunt doubles
  • Creative direction