R4, Enclosed
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At its opening in 2015, this AERODIUM Model R4 tunnel had the tallest glass flight chamber in the World (12m). This tunnel is operated under the name “Gravity Indoor Skydiving”. The tunnel is not only fully transparent but also includes an indoor B.A.S.E. jump chamber for pro-flyers.

In 2018 “Gravity Indoor Skydiving” hosted the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, bringing together the world’s best flyers. Spectators and competitors could all enjoy the amazing performances. This event has been recognized as one of the best indoor skydiving events.

“Gravity Indoor Skydiving” was also the first tunnel that included AERODIUM’s signature feature, “Hero Tunnel”. It is one of the methods how AERODIUM strives to create customer-centric design and enhance the overall experience for the guests.