Outdoor or open-air tunnels allow customers to enjoy the true sensation of flying without restrictions. In open-air wind tunnels, the flyer is not positioned inside the perimeter-bound protective glass or other similar barriers. Hence, the flight itself is more like a free fall flight, gives more freedom and does not limit the view.

A specially designed wind flow prevents the flyer from leaving the wind column and helps staying in the optimum wind flow zone.

For safety reasons, the outer perimeter of the wind tunnel is equipped with a special safety net and the floor features padded cushions.

Outdoor/open-air vertical wind tunnels are commonly used for shows, events, and brand promotion, but can also be operated in permanent locations.

In 2017 AERODIUM designed the World’s biggest open-air tunnel, AERODIUM Peryton, that was used for the filming of “Mission Impossible: Fallout”. It completely redefined the concept and experience of open-air tunnels. Some of the skydivers described their impressions after flying in Peryton as “The closest experience to real skydiving”.