Wind Tunnels for Retailtainment.

AERODIUM aspires to bring the joy of indoor skydiving emphasizing on overall tunnel design and atmosphere to create an unique concept making the experience not only interesting, but as an unforgettable adventure to flyers – (first time and pro-flyers) and spectators alike.

Put a compact skydiving module directly into your building (model R2) or place it outdoor (model O2) both for spectacular events and shows

Aerodium Technology entertainment company engages in the design, manufacture and operation of vertical wind tunnel systems for indoor and outdoor skydiving experiences.


First devised by American sociologist, George Ritze, retailtainment is “the use of sound, ambience, emotion and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise and in the mood to buy. What is actual needs:

  1. Things for people to do
  2. Things for people to see and watch
  3. Places for people to relax

Key to this lies in providing an experience. People want to have experiences and share these with others. Create a destination which brings together retail, leisure and entertainment to enhance the environment, and you will keep people coming back time and time again. It retains existing visitors and draws in new ones.

As consumers choose to invest in experiences rather than products, retailers need to respond to meet the needs of their customers.

Customers don’t want to just walk into shop, buy product and leave because they could do this in the comfort of their own home. Creating a more immersive retail experience, retailers can drive people towards their stores and ensure they leave not just with your products but also memories.

Aerodium outdoor and indoor skydiving bring back your customers

Boost brick-and-mortar traffic to your shopping mall with Aerodium vertical wind tunnels!

With consumer shopping habits changing in preference to “doing” over “owning”, shoppers now crave unique, memorable experiences they can share with their loved ones. Deliver an unmatched flying experience to customers and attract shoppers with Aerodium outdoor and  indoor skydiving tunnels!

NEW indoor skydiving model for easy integration into shopping mall, arena or similar building.

Introducing the all-new R2 – the most compact, self-contained modular design recirculation wind tunnel in the market.

Main ADVANTAGES for indoor business:

–  EASIEST integration into a new or existing building.

–  LOWEST running costs.

–  BEST customer experience in the market.

Or try our unique Open class wind tunnels!

Main ADVANTAGES for Open-air business:

– LOWEST investment, highest return!

– BEST for outdoor flying fun and promotional events.

– EXCITING gravity-defying flight shows in permanent locations or temporary rentals.

Capture the demand for experience-based commerce with Aerodium vertical wind tunnels, and put the experience back in “customer experience”!

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