Ukraine’s new indoor skydiving haven

We are excited to bring you the latest news from the world of indoor skydiving! AERODIUM has recently opened a state-of-the-art PRO series recircular wind tunnel at Respublika Park in Kyiv, Ukraine.

With a diameter of 3.7m at the base, a maximum wind speed of 300 km/h, 20 metres high flight zone (out of which 11 metres are made of extra transparent glass), this wind tunnel promises to deliver outstanding first-timer experience as well as breath-taking show performances. But instead of further discussing technical characteristics, let us take a moment to enjoy this mouth-watering piece of technology.

Located at a shopping mall

The wind tunnel is located at the Respublika Park shopping mall, opened in 2021 and is currently the 4th largest shopping mall in Europe with a total area of 300 000 m2. Surrounded by trees and plants, retail, restaurants, and entertainment the tunnel is placed in a very central location for families and action seekers to enjoy. Yet, being one of the most silent tunnels in the world, it is barely noticeable to the ear and can peacefully coexist next to shops and public areas.

Patented safety technology

In recent years AERODIUM has been intensively working on making wind tunnel flying a safe activity. The wind tunnel at Respublika Park is no exception to this trend. It includes patented impact-absorbing safety technology and other novelty features making it one of the best wind tunnels in Europe to date. 

Increasing footfall

In the first 3 weeks since the opening, we have experienced a very high influx of customers exceeding our earlier expectations and ensuring additional footfall for the shopping centre. These early results show that a shopping mall placement with the proper exposure and marketing mix opens great business opportunities for the wind tunnel industry in the future.

While the news of the successful tunnel launch can be regarded as very positive, we also do not forget about the difficult times Ukraine is facing right now. Amidst helping the people of Ukraine through donations and humanitarian aid, AERODIUM is now also providing jobs, tax income for the government and showing an example to the world that opening a business is possible in any business environment.

Aerodium is not stopping

There are new project launches coming up this year, among others in USA, China, South Korea, and Kuwait. To learn more about the wind tunnel technology and its business potential, do drop us a line!