Riyadh, KSA
Open-air Permanent, O2s
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Superfly is a part of the impressive entertainment complex Boulevard World that is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the first vertical wind tunnel in this country.

Superfly is powered by the most innovative open-air tunnel in the world. This technology is so silent that people flying no longer need to wear earplugs. And less noise is great for business too! The lower noise output means open-air wind tunnels can now be installed in urban areas without disturbing the neighborhood.

“This is a revolution! This is the first outdoor tunnel that is actually so quiet that we can talk while it’s working up here,” says Toms Ivans, World’s top indoor skydiver.

The multicultural Boulevard World takes visitors on a trip to 10 countries and offers them different sources of entertainment. Boulevard World also includes the biggest artificial lake in the world, a combat field area, a village for superheroes, the largest sphere in the world, and a cable car ride that visitors can use to move between the zone and the nearby Boulevard Riyadh City.