PARASIM: an interactive training simulator that enables parachute jumpers to hone their skills and plan missions on the ground before they take to the air. Combining 3-D virtual reality technology with validated parachute dynamics and realistic controls, it simulates what jumpers see and experience” PARASIM have used as the standard procedure for aircrew and paratrooper training. This is a virtual reality parachute training simulator. Recreating the experience of a real jump without airflow.

Mall Skydiving Simulators: A virtual reality simulator providing flying sensations, which involves an arcade type of wingsuit mechanism. It involves the whole body in the process of the virtual reality experience.

Mobile Skydiving Simulators: Or in other words, called portable skydiving simulators. Self-contained designed mobile systems for fast installation. There are fully mobile or semi-stationary models and assembly time usually takes just a couple hours. The structure is mounted on a mobile trailer and powered by a diesel engine.