Efficient training for special forces and military sports team.

AERODIUM is the most experienced vertical wind tunnel manufacturer for the army. We have been working with military clients for more than 15 years. Our unique product range includes open-air, wall-to-wall, and recirculation tunnels, which allows meeting different training and budget requirements.

Army development

Professional paratroopers are an essential part of every army. So far, the field training of qualified paratrooper units has been high-risk, complex, time-consuming, and expensive.

A vertical wind tunnel provides free-fall conditions in a controlled environment. The use of a wind tunnel significantly improves the safety of training, skill advancement, time and cost-efficiency.

MENTAL skills

In most cases, skydiving is more about mental than physical capabilities. From managing fear of jumping from airplanes to focusing on very specific tasks, it requires strong and specific mental skills. These skills can be efficiently trained in wind tunnels.

  • Fear management and stress resistance.
  • Plane exit training with AERODIUM B.A.S.E. jump chamber.
  • Training of extreme scenarios during day or night time.
  • Time management training for HALO & HAHO jumps.
  • Decision making under stress.


The more you progress on the path of skydiving, the bigger the importance of physical skills. Workouts in vertical wind tunnels can be performed for unlimited flight time in a safe environment and any weather conditions.

  • Basic and advanced free-fall skills training.
  • Advanced physical coordination, vestibular system, and reaction time.
  • Team synergy and communication in free-fall.
  • Full-gear skydive simulation.

efficient coaching

AERODIUM tunnels are equipped with cutting-edge airflow and video management systems. This allows learning from mistakes and improving overall skills in a time-efficient manner.

Multiple cameras from different angles are filming every flyer. It is possible to analyse performance instantaneously, as the video capturing system ensures flyer identification, tracking, and playback options.

Best for Military

Any of our vertical wind tunnels may be used for military training purposes. PRO and Wall-to-Wall tunnels have various advantages over other models including a larger amount of flyers that can fly simultaneously, higher wind speed as well as weather independent operation (recirculation tunnels only).

We offer

Vertical wind tunnel

Vertical wind tunnel technology (existing model or custom built tunnel), and its installation outdoors or indoors.

Special training for instructors

Full instructor training course to ensure safe and professional tunnel operation.

IT system

Our specially designed IT system for the military includes flyer flow management, video recording, and video analysis.

Flight equipment

Full range of flight equipment for flyers including flight suits, helmets, and goggles.

Technical training

Technical manager training for independent operation and maintenance of the wind tunnel.

Tunnel maintenance and monitoring

Optional on-site/online operational and technical support as well as regular maintenance visits.


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