We can make people fly and create the most innovative vertical wind tunnels.

Since 1979


We are the world leaders in the production of custom-made vertical wind tunnels and in the provision of flight shows. On a daily basis we design, manufacture, install, and operate vertical wind tunnels for different functions all over the world. These include: entertainment, indoor skydiving, show business & brand promotional events, movies, and military training.


We operate inspired by a mission– to provide the best flying experience, and to show that the impossible can be achieved! 


AERODIUM is the original inventor of vertical wind tunnels for public entertainment.

Aerodium highlights

The world's first public wind tunnel

1979. The world's first public wind tunnel for customer entertainment at AERODIUM, Canada

The first flying acrobats show

2006. The world's first flying acrobats show at the Torino Olympics in Italy

The first fully transparent glass flight chamber

2010. The world's first recirculation wind tunnel with a fully transparent glass flight chamber at “World EXPO”, China

The first indoor base jump

2013. The world's first wind tunnel with an indoor base jump at “Sirius Sport Resort”, Finland

The first flight amphitheater

2015. The world's first flight amphitheater for entertainment purposes at “Flying Dream”, China

The tallest glass flight chamber

2016. Recirculation wind tunnel with the tallest glass chamber in the world (12m) at “Gravity Indoor Skydiving”, Bahrain

The first open recirculation wind tunnel

2016. The world's first open recirculation wind tunnel for show business at "Shanghai Disney Resort", China

The fastest & quietest open tunnel

2017. The fastest, quietest, and safest open wind tunnel in the world.

World's largest wind tunnel

20186.5m x 3.5m large flight zone. Up to 7 flyers can fly simultaneously.

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Every year we take part in international attractions exhibitions organised by IAAPA: IAAPA Attractions Expo, Euro Attractions Show and Asian Attractions Expo.


Our participation there is supported by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. We have signed a contract (No SVK – L – 2016/81, on April 21st, 2006) with them for receiving support by programme “Promotion of international competitiveness”, co – financed by European Regional Development Fund.