We are the world leaders in the production of custom-made vertical wind tunnels
and in the provision of flight shows. On a daily basis we design, manufacture, install,
and operate vertical wind tunnels for different functions all over the world. These
include: entertainment, indoor skydiving, show business & brand promotional events,
movies, and military training.

We operate inspired by a mission – to provide the best flying experience, and to show
that the impossible can be achieved!

AERODIUM is the original inventor of vertical wind tunnels for public entertainment.


The timeline of our company

Our history as it happens.
  1. 1979. The world's first public wind tunnel

    July 1st, 1979
    The world’s first public wind tunnel for customer entertainment at AERODIUM, Canada.  Published an article in a CANADIAN Parachuting magazine, CANPARA, about inventing the idea of using a vertical wind tunnel for freefall, AND… a year later, a Canadian Parachutist, in Montreal, publishes an article in CANPARA, stating that he just “invented” the idea of using a Vertical Wind Tunnel, soley for Freefall !

  2. 2006. The first flying acrobats show

    February 2nd, 2006

    Wind machine

    A wind machine was shown with flying acrobats performing an aerial ballet. This was a vertical wind tunnel that blew the acrobats up into mid-air.[2] The machine was custom-built by Aerodium Latvia for use in the closing ceremony. It is very similar to machines used for indoor skydiving facilities. The Wind Machine featured in the closing ceremonies of the 2006 Torrino Winter Olympics is actually an open air Vertical Wind Tunnel! It was originally scheduled for opening ceremonies but was postponed until the end of the event.


  3. 2010. The first fully transparent glass flight chamber

    February 2nd, 2010
    The world’s first recirculation wind tunnel with a fully transparent glass flight chamber at “World EXPO”, China. Expo 2010, officially the Expo 2010 Shanghai China, was held on both banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China, from 1 May to 31 October 2010. It was a major World Expo registered by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), in the tradition of international fairs and expositions, the first since 2000.

    A Latvian acrobat performs in a wind tunnel which blows off winds of 200 kilometers per hour from the bottom, in the Latvia Pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo Park.

    This is just one example of Latvia’s successful attendance at this year’s Expo, as Latvia seems now in fashion among the Chinese. Aerodium Company Chairman Beitans added that there are great opportunities at present for exports to the eastern economic giant.

  4. 2013. The first indoor B.A.S.E jump

    April 17th, 2013
    The world’s first wind tunnel with an indoor base jump at “Sirius Sport Resort”, Finland. Aerodium powered wind tunnel is 4.3 metres in diameter and 12 metres high, 9 metres of which is glass 1340 kW of power: maximum free-flying speed 265 km/h

  5. 2015. The first flight amphitheater

    February 2nd, 2015
    The world’s first flight amphitheater for entertainment purposes at “Flying Dream”, China

  6. 2016. The tallest glass flight chamber

    February 24th, 2016
    Recirculation wind tunnel with the tallest glass chamber in the world (12m) at “Gravity Indoor Skydiving”, Bahrain

  7. 2016. The first open recirculation wind tunnel

    March 9th, 2016
    The world’s first open recirculation wind tunnel for show business at “Shanghai Disney Resort”, China


  8. 2017. Next generation open-air vertical wind tunnel

    December 11th, 2017
    Low noise emission

    3 levels safety zone

    Low energy consumption

    Smooth and fast air flow

    Only couple days installation time

    Small footprint



  9. 2018. World's largest wind tunnel

    September 5th, 2018
    6.5m x 3.5m large flight zone. Up to 7 flyers can fly simultaneously.

  10. 2019. World's most compact indoor skydiving unit

    February 3rd, 2019
    NEW indoor skydiving model for shopping malls. Introducing the all-new R2 – the most compact, self-contained modular design recirculation wind tunnel in the market. Main ADVANTAGES for indoor business:

    1. EASIEST integration into a new or existing building

    2. LOWEST running costs

    3. BEST customer experience in the market.







Fly with us wherever you go!

Aerodium has constructed over 80 wind tunnels in 45 countries.


You can find us at exhibitions

We participate in all major exhibitions of the entertainment industry

Every year we take part in international attractions exhibitions organised by IAAPA:
IAAPA Attractions Expo, Euro Attractions Show and Asian Attractions Expo.

Our participation there is supported by Investment and Development Agency of
Latvia. We have signed a contract (No SVK – L – 2016/81, on April 21st, 2016) with
them for receiving support by programme “Promotion of international
competitiveness”, co – financed by European Regional Development Fund.

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