Unforgettable shows that will take your breath away!

The AERODIUM “flying acrobats” show is an unique accent for business, amusement park, and large scale shows. Impress your audience with acrobats flying up to a height of  15 m (50 ft), flying flags, tubes, and even handheld fireworks!


We can customize vertical wind tunnels for permanent shows and install them almost anywhere– into a show stage, on a cruise ship, or even on the roof of a skyscraper!

We offer 


We will create a custom built wind tunnel for any existing building, or even as stand alone project. We offer our technology, and its installation, for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Choreographed flight show

Our flying acrobats can perform choreographed stunts. If needed, we will also provide ‘stunt doubles’, who will fly in-place of any actors.

Customized flight equipment

Flight equipment for flying acrobats — including flight suits, helmets & goggles– branded or adapted to show theme or brand.

staff training

Professional training for flight instructors, flying acrobats, and technical staff– so you can operate the project independently.

Operation & maintenance

On-site or online operational and technical support as well as regular maintenance checks are available.

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