The most prominent flight simulator in the wind tunnel industry of all time

Aerodium Peryton is the world's biggest wind tunnel with a 6,5 m x 3,5 m flight zone. This is enough space for 6 pro pilots to perform complex aerobatic exercises.
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Action movies. Pro flying – formation and dynamic skydiving

Closest to real skydiving, deliver an unprecedentedly good skyflight experience. Allows you to shoot realistic free-fall episodes, thus replacing expensive and risky jumps from an airplane
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Fifth generation open-air tunnel

Technical solutions outside the standard wind tunnel classifications, and make Peryton the flagship of open-air tunnels

Template Insulated load bearing structure to reduce noise emissions and begin final stage of smooth air flow formation. Low noise Air flow formation component to generate worlds largest open air wind tunnel air stream Powerful Carbon fibre reinforced fan blades for high efficiency air flow generation with integrated flow straightener, noise insulation and absorption elements. Super smooth airflow Safety cushion with integrated horizontal safety net above flight area and vertical safety net at the sides of safety cushion. Excellent safety


Balanced relationship between power, size and extended tunnel capabilities

Every kilowatt and square meter consumed to invest into significant gains for free fall


The largest tunnel offers the greatest opportunities

Professional skydivers note the special advantages of the Peryton wind tunnel


Hollywood Ready

Gives you the opportunity to inspire real-world flying scenes that have already been featured in several very famous films


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Huge but handy

One month after the agreement, this Peryton wind tunnel will be installed for your disposal.
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