Kids parties – wind tunnels for family centers and amusement parks

Flying in a wind tunnel is probably the best activity to offer for kids parties.

A lot of fun, smiles, laugh and excitement. And possibility to fly like a superhero from favorite cartoon or movie.

Anyone can fly starting at age 4!

Vertical wind tunnels offer kids the possibility to fly like a superhero from the favorite cartoon or movie. It will be an unforgettable adventure.

AERODIUM can make miracles happen! A wind tunnel can be used not only for flying, but also for kids parties with different flying objects.

Open-air and indoor skydiving is obviously one of the best things to have happened to kids parties.

A party we’ll remember forever! There was so much fun and good experience. It is unforgettable for all kids.

(by Tripadvisor)

Each KIDS Party includes:

1. More flight time for the whole party group

2. Video clips of your flights

3. Training session for all young participants

4. Aerodium flight suits, helmets and googles

5. Personalized flight certificates for each flyer can be ordered

6. Hands-on personal assistance from a flight instructor throughout kids flights


Interested in a wind tunnel for your family center or amusement park?

Send us DM.

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