Insane Wind Tunnel Flight

General opinion about open-air wind tunnels.

A thing of the past.

Many industry professionals see open-air (outdoor) wind tunnels as a thing of the past. A piece of history which started the bodyflight movement and brought us where we are today, but nothing more. Over the last years, many wind tunnel producers have been producing only enclosed wind tunnels, believing that only this technology could achieve a stable airflow and provide best flying conditions for pro flyers.

Despite this attitude, several Hollywood films were shot in open-air wind tunnel which professional acrobats performed sophisticated tricks that mimicked the conditions of free fall for certain shots. It resulted in breathtaking flight companies with Tom Cruise in the movie Mission Impossible fallout and exciting air battles with Jackie Chan.

Here you can watch an up-to-date video of the opportunities offered by one of the simplest Aerodium open wind tunnel, accessible not only to pro flyers, but to any ordinary enthusiast without prior knowledge and special skills. Evaluate the quality of the wind flow yourself, the safety and the great feeling you get during the flight.

Take a breath!

Aerobatics performed by world champion Toms Ivans

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