Indoor skydiving in China. Powered by Aerodium Technology

Aerodium is the creator of the world’s first commercial vertical wind tunnel for open-air skydiving.

In 2010 Aerodium made its first steps into China. It was the vertical wind tunnel in EXPO Beijing, which allowed first Chinese customers to experience floating on air.
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“It felt like a dream, the instructor kept telling us that the most important thing is to relax, almost like you are sleeping.”

said 22-year-old Zhao Jingwen, who like all Shanghai residents was given a free ticket to the Expo by the local government.

Her boyfriend Zhuang Jun, who won the couple a flight by filling in their names on a touch screen, described it as an adrenaline confidence boost.

 “We’re never going to forget this. Now that I feel safe doing this, I want to try bungee jumping and see what the difference is,”   he said.

“Aerodium build a new culture of gravity-defying, family-friendly entertainment in China”.


Nine years have passed since this important event. Thanks to impressive worldwide and local promotions, Aerodium has already implemented many major projects in China:

  1. ChuanQiWorld (Cultural Tourism City, Qi Jiang East Station, Qi Jiang District, Chongqing 400000 China)
  2. Disneyland Shanghai (Huangzhao Rd. Pudong, Shanghai, China).
  3. Wuzhizhou Island
  4. Dalian Flight Experience. Located nearby “Discoveryland Theme Park” Jinshitan, Dalian Shi, Liaoning Sheng 116650 China
  5. Flying Dream

Besides these permanent entertainment buildings, many temporary projects have been implemented as well. It should be noted here that the possibility of renting tunnels for certain event. Such as brand promotion, is becoming increasingly trendy in China. Usually, this kind of activity is repeated in several big cities in a row. It may be included in a widespread advertising campaign. In the case of the Cadillac car brand promotion, taking place across the country. A lightweight, handy and fast-mounting open-air vertical wind tunnel is used for this purpose.

Actual brand promotion of Cadillac in China

Permanent projects in detail implemented in China by Aerodium:

ChuanQi World

Tunnel Type: Open Flow

Open Since: Early 2019

Flight Chamber Style: Open, Wall-less

Flight Chamber Diameter: 9ft (2.8m)


Disneyland Shanghai

Tunnel Type: Recirculating

Flight Chamber Style: Wall-less

Flight Chamber Diameter: 14ft (4.3m)

Flight Chamber Height: 32.8 ft (10 m)

Top Wind Speed: 137 mph (220 km/h)

Wuzhizhou Island

Tunnel Type: Propeller Below

Open Since: Late 2017

Flight Chamber Style: Open, Wall-less

Flight Chamber Diameter: 6.9ft (2.1m)


Dalian Flight Experience

Tunnel Type: Recirculating

Open Since: 2012

Flight Chamber Style: Round Wall-to-Wall

Flight Chamber Diameter: 10ft (3.1m)

Flying Dream

Tunnel Type: Open Flow

Open Since: Early 2016

Flight Chamber Style: Round Wall-to-Wall

Flight Chamber Diameter: 9ft (2.8m)


Coming Soon. Macau Theme Park and Resort Macau, China

Tunnel Type: Recirculating

Flight Chamber Style: Round Wall-to-Wall

Flight Chamber Diameter: 14ft (4.3m)

Disneyland Shanghai – unique – only one on the world project.

On June 16th, 2016 Shanghai Disneyland opened an amazing wind tunnel installation. The wind tunnel is a completely custom recirculating model designed by Aerodium. The tunnel has a unique wall-less structure, unlike other recirculating tunnels.

The tunnel is an integral part of the stage of a new show “Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular”


One of the most important Aerodium activities is participation in large-scale international exhibitions, such as the Recon in May and IAAPA in June (both 2019), which just ended in Las Vegas and Shanghai respectively. The latter is Asia’s largest trade show for the attractions industry.


Outdoor territory.

Besides these constantly existing attractions, a lot of attention is devoted to rental activities, through which different advertising campaigns are implemented. Rental projects, especially for time-limited brand presentation events, are highly demanded and gaining in popularity from year to year.

Aerodium is the only vertical tunnel manufacturer in the world that provides a complete package for such open-air tunnel outdoor activities. Importantly, it includes not only the tunnel itself. There is a team that put the construction together on the site and fully prepare for its launch. They are accompanied by instructors who train the local staff and professional flyers who perform a fascinating show program to the public.

Indoor territory.

In the development of indoor skydiving entertainment industry, Aerodium has recently implemented a new concept by creating an innovative model called R2. It allows for a completely different realization of large-scale projects in already finished existing building structures such as shopping malls.

The construction takes up little space and it consists of interconnected modules. This allows you to build the wind tunnel without concrete air channels. Furthermore, its very compact design eliminates the need for large special access areas.

Great attention is also paid to the functional elements. They provide additional comfort to customers, instructors, and the service personnel during the use of the tunnel.

Design and security.

The curved glass flying zone is fully transparent, creating a visually appealing show that can be admired by hundreds of spectators. To enjoy watching people fly, there are top class custom-made seats tailored to fit the tunnel’s overall design.

Security has earned a special focus. Besides basic equipment, the R2 incorporates a newly invented patented technology. They evenly cover the entire bottom area guaranteeing a soft landing in all areas. Operation management is duplicated from multiple locations for fast and precise access.

Retailtainment territory. What is critical for shopping centers?

Digitalization and online shopping have been dramatically changing the retail industry and consumer behavior in the past decades.

Today’s shopping centers are often losing retailers and increasingly competing with online shopping platforms. Therefore, they are more interested in attracting potential shoppers than ever before.

In order to fill this retail vacuum, the owners seek new opportunities. Facilities offered by the modern entertainment industry include ice skating rinks, surf parks, interactive facilities, cinemas, and concert halls. Most recently, also vertical wind tunnels.


“In order to get people to buy, you have to get them there, and the entertainment coefficient in a mall is something that builds traffic-pure and simple”.

Paco Underhill, author of “Why We Buy”

Spaces inside Shopping Malls.

A shopping mall is where people not only spend a bad weather day, but also a place to spend time with the family. The entertainment part and experiences a mall can offer are becoming equally or even more important than the stores that are present inside.

More and more shopping centers, malls, and retailers are trying different ideas to stay competitive and attract shoppers. In the increasingly competitive retail environment and the experiential economy, they must incorporate entertainment and unique experiences in their offering.

Simple playground installation is a must, but it is not enough to win customer attention. You can build a beautiful fountain, but if it is not at the level of Las Vegas Belaggio, it quickly becomes boring. It does not create long-term interest. Are you ready to spend over 40M for Belaggio Nr.2? Most likely not.

The latest trend in the industry is to make attractions sticky – something that people highly enjoy and will return to with their friends another time.

New commercial areas like Olympic park (beside Cadillac Hall) in Beijing is a perfect example of the latest tendency in retailtainment. In these photos, you can see crowded bars, restaurants, shops, and brand promotion spots.

At least 5 car brands are promoted simultaneously, some well attended, some significantly less. Additional efforts for each of them are needed to win the competitive battle.

Aerodium offers ready to use solutions for the purpose described above.

Model R2 belongs to the latest innovations in the retail real estate industry.

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