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How to increase footfall in your shopping mall by 15-20%? Case study 2019

Fantastic experience from outdoor and indoor skydiving, skiing or surfing helps change traditional shopping centers into exciting leisure places

New business models and strong competition lead to shopping malls being more innovative and challenged. Extensive use of newest trends redefines the commercial real estate (CRE) industry.
How to significantly increase customer flow?
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Customer flow chart

Is it possible to reach growth of +10, +15, +20%?
Latest trends and reports


The International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) reports that 20% of shopping malls in the US generate over 72% of all shopping mall sales.

This also means that there are several important factors leading to their domination on the market.

Shopping centers are trying to identify ways to improve exposure for customers, increase sales and the overall satisfaction.


Key objectives:
• Attract visitors and increase footfall.
• Increase sales and overall satisfaction of tenants and customers.
• Ensure that shopping malls and retailers can deliver real-time offers to customers in the right place and at the right time and capitalize on potential customers passing/driving by.


Live performance at a Shopping Mall

Current needs

Footfall is the key figure for any store manager.
There are a few ways how to it:

1. Good Customer Experience
2. Showrooming
3. Promotions
4. Trends and Events

Experiences, not brands, will drive footfall to shopping centers


SEA LIFE at a Shopping Mall in Manchester

A good example of customer experience

How to better spend time?

Modern big size shopping malls are a great place for spectacular events

Inviting artists to perform is a common practice often used to attract more buyers into a shopping mall. However, these are only individual cases that cannot happen on a daily basis over a longer period of time.

A permanent attraction with occasional special performances is more spectacular and effective.

Having a wind tunnel allows demonstrating choreographed shows, and shopping mall visitors can also try out unprecedented sensations of flying themselves.

Is that attractive to attend?

All customers are individuals, and that’s how they want to be perceived, so you have to come up with something extraordinary

Niche offerings

Niches can be big or small, but by creating a location that is built around a particular area of interest can help shopping centers maintain relevancy in the future.
Recently, a new mall development project started in Dubai focusing on a certain niche sports. The entire development, which has an area equivalent to 12 football pitches, will only house sports-related brands, events, and activities.

More reasons to visit

Make it fun – the most innovative application of the newest technologies in shopping malls has got to be for entertainment. If it entertains people, then they have a good reason to get out from home and to go to a shop. That’s the secret to winning the online/offline tug of war. Some of ideas may seem a little wild, but the formula is simple – as long as you can inspire people, you are on a good track.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’.

During the flying and fighting scenes of the musical “Peter Pan”

stunts were performed by the main hero and one of Aerodium’s stuntmen.

Fresh breeze

“There’s no sensation to compare with this” – Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd lyrics

Turn a casual bystander into a devoted fan by making them feel special.

One-off events create experiences that people will never forget.


Here are some ways experience marketing can work for different businesses. The main focus here is offering experience, which e-commerce cannot deliver.

1. Purpose

Consumers are spending more money on leisure and retailers and shopping center developers are seeking ways to make shopping more of leisure based. People tend to spend more money when they are happy and having fun.

2. Customer Experience

It is important to encourage consumers to return to your business. Make some changes to open lifestyle centers and other experiential elements such as indoor skydiving facilities for flying simulation or artificial wave makers for indoor surfing, which are highly likely to generate a more than 15% increase in foot traffic.


According to the findings of the Envision 2020 project, shopping centers will provide a more customized, personalized appeal to attract and engage the younger customer. There will be a heightened level of coordination between developers and retailers in creating a seamlessly attractive and entertaining environment (Report from the ICSC Board of Trustees).


Reimagine the mall of the future before it’s too late.
Wanting to bridge the gap between skateboarders and fashion,

Selfridges decided to ditch the traditional ‘store’ concept, and install an indoor skate bowl instead.

More options

The economy is growing and people now have more options in terms of how they spend their leisure time. That is why malls should focus not only on shopping and dining, but also on entertainment. Millennials, and not just them, are looking for high-value experiences.

What could be a powerfull footfall driver, especially for quieter shopping periods?

Alongside traditional location-based attractions such as movies (even 5D Max), new activities based on real or virtual experiences are emerging such as surf – ski – paragliding – indoor skydiving simulators. Even the environment in which the entertainment element is located will play a big role. For example, natural lawn will give sensations that are not available in the digital environment.

It has been discovered that classic outdoor activities are traditionally highly sought after

for indoor use and are spreading to even more disciplines such as skiing and skydiving.

Most innovations

A vertical wind tunnel provides a safe environment that allows creating of a realistic flying simulation.

Actual case study findings!

Visitors flow measurements were made during the performance

Outdoor/Indoor Skydiving increases average footfall in the range from 15% to 20% and increases common dwell time for about 20-25 min during skydiving live shows.


A study by Pathintelligence showed that “there is a significant and positive relationship between dwell time and sales“. They found that a 1% increase in dwell time resulted in a 1.3% increase in sales.


Due to the fact that skydiving is a whole procedure where the participant is occupied for at least one hour, our observations show that an increased dwell time is also significant:
the dwell time reaches around 90 min when one of the family members or friends is in skydiving exercises. 


Thanks to the spread of platforms showing events available in the immediate vicinity, people are attracted by special, unusual events that they can get involved in.
A common search on Google and Facebook is “places/events near me” and among other things they find indoor skydiving places and performances.

Additional takeaways for Shopping Malls with indoor skydiving:
– You can create a new leisure destination.
– Design an environment that has multiple focuses.

Promotions and events increase loyal customer traffic as well as new traffic.

Shopping malls with cinemas, attractions, and family entertainment centers are far more likely to increase the dwell time of their visitors.

Skydiving simulators is one of the most attractive new generation entertainment types, attracting the attention of shoppers. Traditional shopping is no longer the only and most important goal, as in many cases it is much easier to do online. The decision to spend time outside the home will certainly be due to the desire to get more than just to see the shop windows decorated. Skydiving is one of the most spectacular shows you can include and it will not leave anyone indifferent. Visitors who have seen one of the performances will want to try it for themselves. 

Thousands of visitors attend a skydiving simulating attraction

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