You can fly. Anyone can fly!

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Tall or short, big or small – anyone is invited to fulfill their dream of flying! It is safe, and no previous experience is necessary.


BodyFlying or Indoor Skydiving is an amazing adventure for beginners, and a popular sport for experienced flyers and skydivers. It is an instant adrenaline rush and a great source of happiness!

Flying is awesome!

Experience for beginners

Literally anyone, from adrenaline junkies to simple fun seekers, can fly with AERODIUM. Enjoy tandem flights or learn how to fly independently! It is completely safe and no previous experience is necessary. Customers will be instructed, assisted, and fully equipped by AERODIUM.

Indoor skydiving sports

The indoor skydiving movement is becoming more popular in the world of sports. Every year an increasing number of individuals and teams join  a number of bodyflight competitions around the world, including the annual indoor skydiving world championship. 

Skydiver training

Skydivers can learn and improve flying skills in a wind tunnel. This accelerates the learning process. Thus, skydivers can practice until greatness is achieved. 

Military training

Paratroopers & special forces train essential skills for skydiving. This allows them to learn skydiving more efficient in a safe environment and any weather conditions. 

Where to fly