Fly HIGHER than others and INCREASE footfall to your shopping mall

AERODIUM presents MOST COMPACT indoor skydiving solution for your shopping MALL

Don't invest in a lame fountain to watch your investment go down the drain! Bring the "WOW" factor to your shopping mall with an indoor skydiving wind tunnel.

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New outdoor and indoor skydiving vertical wind tunnel models by Aerodium is targeted to innovate in the retail real estate sector

Model R2 History

They say trust takes years to build. We’ve built ours over the last 40 years. We go back to the year 1979, when Aerodium, world’s first public wind tunnel for customer entertainment, is born. The creation of the brilliant inventor Jean Saint-Germain allowed people to fulfill their dream of flying. A true masterpiece way ahead of its time.

We’ve taken on the challenge to continue the tradition of innovation, presenting new solutions year after year. The Recon exhibition in Las Vegas in May 2019 saw a completely new wind tunnel concept. It is called the SHOPPING MALL READY model R2. This is an important step forward in the retailtainment industry, addressing market trends and making implementation easier than ever.


The model R2 belongs to recirculation type of vertical wind tunnels (recognized by the abbreviation R). The tunnel has fans at the top to draw air through the flight chamber and to push it back down the sides, creating an air loop. Air returns back to the bottom before being blown up in the flight chamber through an inlet contractor. Such wind tunnels are weather independent and can be operated all year long.

There is a long-standing belief that indoor tunnels are much quieter than their outdoor rivals, having a significantly lower noise level. This was indeed the case until Aerodium introduced a new generation open-air tunnel lineup (abbreviation O) in 2017 with a significant drop of noise level. However, if you have the space and wish to build a tunnel at a permanent location the R2 is still the better choice.

Projected visualization and photos from the vertical wind tunnel installation process inside a shopping mall building.

EASY INTEGRATION in already existing buildings

The use of existing construction sites is a great advantage, as it makes it much easier to implement the project in both time and money. There is surely a need for basic works. All in all, it can be said that the construction of this type of wind tunnel roughly corresponds to the status of a building overhaul in a limited area of less than 100 sq.m.

Shopping malls, entertainment facilities, etc.

Due to the fundamental shift in consumer shopping behavior, savvy developers know that attract new customers a shopping mall needs an experience-oriented environment to drive sales in stores.


A research has found that “Retail Owners Look to Fountains to Provide Intangible Gains“.

Don’t invest in a lame fountain to watch your investment go down the drain! Bring the “WOW” factor to your shopping mall with an indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Model R2 wind tunnel is a truly safe method to taste skydiving and experience the feeling of freefall. It is not only amazing to try, but also fascinating to watch.

It has also been found that it to not only draw new customers to Shopping Mall, but also more retail tenants.

Recognizing the challenges that shopping malls face, Aerodium has developed a wind tunnel that is cost-effective and easy to install. It has low operational costs and provides an unforgettable and safe customer experience at its core design.


The model R2 is perfect for integration into shopping malls or any other similar buildings with ceiling height of at least 12 meters. It is the very first vertical glass tunnel that can be fully integrated inside a shopping mall. It is individually designed and produced for new mall projects or assembled in already completed buildings. Thanks to this innovative solution, it is possible to introduce a major object into an available space after the work on the shopping mall project has started and all main building constructions already exist.

If the ceiling is high enough, just choose the right spot with the most spectacular view and provide electricity supply, because the model R2 is the first plug & fly wind tunnel! With a footprint of just 8.2×10.95m/26.9×35.9ft, the R2 is the most compact recirculation tunnel in the market. The technology is fully self-contained; therefore, the tunnel is easy to install into an existing building with minimal civil works.


Reduced construction works
Smallest footprint
Fast installation time
Reduced weight of the structure
All structural elements are included



The first fully themed concept by AERODIUM. The goal was to create an emotionally involving experience that attracts people and makes them return. AERODIUM is working closely with the client providing a visual concept and facility layout to ensure efficient business operations. Aerodium aims to build a platform for unique flight adventure in the most efficient way.


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