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Don’t be standalone with your entertainment facility

Invest in profitable entertainment business


but don't expect much if you are standalone

Standalone building not only requires a much larger upfront investment, it also creates a number of unnecessary risks

Entertainment facility

When thinking about a new entertainment business project, you have to take the same risks into account as introducing a new shop. Keep in mind that the initially chosen location may prove not to be ideal and also the traffic of visitors can be distracted and diverted by the competition. Strive to be in the spotlight as an anchor tenant indoors or go for the most frequented place outdoors.

Don’t be standalone

Opening a shop away from others is just as much of a risk as relying solely on your previous experience. Even if the location is a prominent pedestrian street in the city center, there is no guarantee that the business will thrive. More and more buyers tend to prefer social spaces like shopping malls, which offer experience that they cannot get while shopping over Amazon or AliExpress.

noise level. However, if you have the space and wish to build a tunnel at a permanent location the R2 is still the better choice.

Modern technologies allow for more mobile solutions with better liquidity ratios

The traditional mall is dead

This is a dilemma of the 21st century. Online shopping is making broad steps towards retail domination, but there are also dozens of shopping malls within each urban area, which fight for a steadily decreasing market share. Which of the shopping malls will gain momentum and evolve?
One of the latest trends and most attractive leisure destinations is outdoor/indoor skydiving facilities. Vertical wind tunnel business is lucrative, but of course it also relies on marketing efforts and activities on social platforms, which are needed to achieve initial visibility. Over time, using strategies to attract new customers, the facility can recover a portion of the shopping mall’s customers and the whole business complex benefits.

How to make the right choice?

Making serious business choices can be a daunting task. Even the most visionary entrepreneurs have their doubts and do not have a 100% success guarantee. However, all we can do is: be prepared, adapt, and react to changing conditions.

1. Identify a thriving shopping center that is developing and investing in entertainment and start your project. It can also be a standalone facility or an embedded element, which is integrated into an existing shopping center.

2. Changing environments require a flexible solution. It is possible to use the vertical wind tunnel as a movable element and to position it depending on arising opportunities, seasonality, or other factors.

3. Uncertainty about the future of your investment can be a major deal breaker. Wherever the money goes, a smart investor has certain control tools and an exit strategy. Running a business, which is relocatable, both domestically and internationally, allows changing locations, depending on incoming business figures. It also provides liquidity and a sense of independence, because the ties to a particular property owner can be broken. And if a shopping mall is forced to close its doors, your business does not have to go down with the ship and you can continue running it in a more profitable place.

This is where we come into play

Aerodium is an experienced company, in business from 1979, and has designed and installed a number of different projects, maintaining a fair pricing policy and individual approach. We are seeing an increased appetite for entertainment and activity facilities from landlords looking to activate their shopping mall space or other public areas and to stimulate greater footfall to their retail and food & beverage tenants. We are also known for realizing unique attractions, as they say: sky is the limit.

Technology plays an increasing role in leisure

Leisure is vital to so many projects, whether as an embedded element or as a standalone component, with technology playing an increasingly crucial role in the customer experience.

“We’re investing in technology (Aerodium Technology), not for its own sake but because it can make the customer experience more attractive and exciting”

said Ivars Beitans, company owner.

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