Cadillac brand promotion in China

Cadillac brand promotion around China. They ran a campaign of outdoor spectacular events powered by Aerodium Technology

FLYING PEOPLE is probably the best activity to promote your brand & lift it to new heights literally! See you in China

Mobile outdoor (open-air) skydiving vertical wind tunnel set for active brand promoting

We’ve already enjoyed Cadillac brand promotion tour in many cities in China. We are just in a middle. So you are welcome to join next nearest events in Hefei (June 29th – 30th) and Kun Ming (July 13th- 14th).


Cadillac said last year it will become GM’s electric car brand to challenge premium electric cars from rivals such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Tesla. Most of GM’s new electric cars from here on out will be Cadillacs.

The U.S. automaker will launch a new product every 6 months for the next 3 years in China

Deliver fresh flying experience to customers and attract automaker visitors with Aerodium outdoor skydiving show for attractive brand promotion

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