Live your dream of flying and create a unique & profitable business!

Your business should sell “flying time” in the wind tunnels, photos & videos of people’s flights, souvenirs, food & beverages. 

Estimated Payback time
1 – 5 years*

*for business with outdoor tunnels or 3 – 7 years for indoor tunnels

I can fly – You can fly

so your customers will be:

  • First time flyers – kids and adults, those who are looking for a different adventure or new emotions;
  • Returning flyers and professional flyers – those who are addicted to bodyflying and participate in the sport (indoor skydiving);
  • Skydivers & paratroopers – professional skydivers who want to improve their flying skills in a cheaper & faster way than from the plane;
  • Spectators – kids and adults, those who are interested in watching flying acrobats shows;
  • Marketing agencies – for brand promotional events and activities, the filming of commercials and/or movies.

How to start this business?

To start this business you need to:

  • Find a crowded/touristy place or venue (at least 600 m²). Wind tunnels can be installed almost anywhere — this means that the right place could be in a city center, on the beach, next to the shopping mall, or even in an existing building!
  • Build support facilities (120 – 1 300 m²) and a parking lot (for at least 20 cars)
  • Recruit your staff: general manager, marketing manager, 2 – 4 receptionists, 6 – 12 flight instructors, technical manager, and others
  • Arrange electricity for the tunnel (starting at 630 kW – depends on tunnel model)
  • Arrange water connection for toilets, showers & cafe. Drainage for the waste

We will fully support you:

Delivery and set-up of vertical wind tunnel

We offer our wind tunnel technology, and its installation, for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Sales and customer flow management system

Specially designed system that helps sell flights, to serve customers on time and to organize flight sessions, to make and share videos & photos immediately after their experience. System provides all reports about customers, cash flow & used tunnel time.

All flight equipment for customers and staff

All necessary flight equipment for tunnel instructors & customers will be provided– including flight suits, helmets, and goggles.

Staff training to operate safely

We have designed a training program for management, flight instructors, technicians and receptionists, including theory and practical workouts. The program will ensure that your team is able to manage successfully all aspects of your business.

Tunnel maintenance & monitoring

Preventive maintenance program increases the life span of wind tunnel technology. Our technicians will visit the tunnel twice a year to perform inspection and maintenance. They work closely with our engineers to provide the best solution! We also offer remote technical monitoring.

Brand & marketing materials

By joining our franchise network, you choose to operate under the AERODIUM brand– result of years of experience, passion, and hard work. We provide a brand book (including designs of all marketing materials, souvenirs, staff clothes, etc.), marketing guidelines, and website.

Business sample cases



Due to the highly specific and unique characteristics of the vertical wind tunnel business operation and AERODIUM’s expertise, franchise is the recommended cooperation option.

Client purchases a vertical wind tunnel at a discounted price and receives extensive business development support, marketing support and use of the AERODIUM brand, various on-going technical, instructor training, and management support.

During the contract period the client pays a monthly royalty fee to AERODIUM and gets defined area of exclusivity.


Client receives the vertical wind tunnel, all required services during the planning process, installation supervision, instructor training, operations and maintenance training, and necessary flight equipment for customers.

All other services (technical support, additional instructor training, software) are optional and available for purchase at standard prices.

The client operates the tunnel independently under his own brand. The open-air tunnel outright purchase option is available only for private, military or show purposes.


In select cases, AERODIUM may enter joint-venture management of a vertical wind tunnel facility.

In any such case the facility is operated as an AERODIUM franchise.

Full details of this type of cooperation must be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


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