June 14th, 2018


We are proud and excited to tell you about our NEW BIG THING.

What are we talking about?

The next level of freedom. There is nothing between you and the sky.

Have you ever imagined swimming in the air? It’s time to do this. And – it’s not somehow better the already existing wind tunnels – it’s just DIFFERENT.

Let us give you some examples and you will get what we mean by this.

So -this new type allows learning and adopting more quickly. You can have additional fun by standing next to flying area and jumping in and out with no effort. Because of the size it’s easier to learn some new tricks and because of the size you can have great time tracking your buddies.

Gaining horizontal speed? No problem.

And the last but no least – there’s the fun of jumping into the cushions.


What about security?

Breathtaking adventure while staying safe. No need to take risk for acting cool 🙂

The business is here since 1979 and we as Aerodium since 2005. Not the first day, right? This tunnel has many safety features like aerodynamics that don’t let anybody to fly away, very soft and elastic safety cushions, technology for extra safe landing in case of breakdown of electricity and many more.

So far so good. But we have some more things to tell you.

We offer a new possibility for business in the saturated market of entertainment. Be the first! People want REAL, and this one is a unique one, not shared by thousands of other owners of the same technological kit.

Let’s put it plain – the growing number of wind tunnels all around the world gives a clear hint that this kind of spending is a reasonable investment, not just splashing out. Right? So Peryton is something new in already upward trend in the industry and that gives you the nice possibility to be among the first in reaping the fruits.

Some more hints. The period for making payback – 2 years. We offer buyback deals as well.

Ask and we will tell you how to make this happen.