AERODIUM will present new, eye-catching outdoor and indoor skydiving models at RECon 2019, Las Vegas


Aerodium is targeted to innovate in the retail real estate sector

Purpose of the proposed project

AERODIUM offer ready-made solution for self-contained indoor skydiving construction’s implementation into shopping malls.
It can be done in any phase of a malls development – during the planning, while it is under construction or even completed. This is a huge step towards shopping centers incorporating attractions and entertainment in any stage of its life cycle. It is never too late to make decisions and start implementation. We could say that it is a fully permanent object with characteristics of temporary buildings. No far from Lego constructor principle.

Eye-catching, innovative and attractive element inside the shopping mall. Offer an experience and invite shoppers to spend more time on the purchasing process.

Projected visualization and photos from the vertical wind tunnel installation process inside a shopping mall building.

History about AERODIUM long run


Aerodium, founded the year 1979, own and run the first vertical wind tunnel in the world, practically create indoor skydiving industry years ago. A milestone in vertical wind tunnel history was ‘Wind Machine’ at the closing ceremonies of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics. Now is the only company in the world that produces a full range of vertical wind tunnel models (open, wall to wall and recirculation type). They cover all needs for skydiving– indoor and outdoor usage.


Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnels for Retailtainment. Innovation is a key


Shopping malls with cinemas, attractions and family entertainment places are far more likely to increase the dwell time of their visitors. They create an environment that has multiple focuses. The hottest trend in the retail real estate industry are shopping centers incorporating attractions and entertainment.


Potential factors affecting shopping mall attendance


Indoor and skydiving is an ideal combination for people who expect something new when visiting a shopping mall. A wind tunnel enables people to experience the sensation of flight without planes or parachutes, through the force of wind being generated upwards.


Larger than life “wow-factors”

Skydiving gives the same feeling like the real flight. It is like freefall, in a safer way.

Quite a typical review from customers:
“So much fun. If I lived there – I would do this once a month or more. I take some practice to perfect the skydiving experience. A great experience for a small fee, well worth it.”(Tripadvisor).



Is that costly for users?


It’s more cost effective to get the freefall sense in a wind tunnel that it is in the sky. There’s much more continuity in a wind tunnel flight, instant feedback from instructors and less distraction.
It’s also generally not that expensive for the time. Rates for flying are $25-28/minute depending on the tunnel and the size of the block purchased. Coaching fees can add a few more dollars per minute but it’s usually reasonable.


Ready to implement right now


Company latest product called SHOPPING MALL READY model R2

This model is perfect for integration into shopping malls. It’s the very first vertical glass tunnel integrated inside a shopping mall (not to be confused with “attached to building” – that is totally different). It is individually designed and produced for new mall projects or assembled into already completed buildings. Thanks to this innovative solution, it is possible to turn back time and implement a major object into an available space after work on a shopping mall project has started and all main building constructions already exist.

All you need to do is know the ceiling height, choose the right spot with the most spectacular view and provide electricity supply. It really is a plug & play story!

WOW! Approaching from a distance.

NEW Outdoor skydiving model O2

The main difference from the indoor model is its placement outside closed spaces. Of course, there are also many technical differences, but from the strategic point of view, this one is more important.



Outdoor application


An outdoor skydiving wind tunnel is very flexible for application. It offers the possibility to quickly change the location within one object or move to another, depending on necessity, such as a new promotional activity and is ready for immediate use – it takes only 1-2 days to set up. The tunnel is adaptable for any available area like in front of the entrance in a shopping mall. Many prominent companies have already rented outdoor models for shows to promote a brand or a particular product. Along with incredible show options, the outdoor skydiving models attract shoppers to the new unprecedented experience of free falling in the safest way.
Outdoor models attract more attention from a distance that is always important to entice new and existing customers.
Another option – short-term and long-term rent
Another option is short-term and long-term rent that quite often transforms into a permanent skydiving simulating object. Renting is very convenient if the retailer thinks that the attraction is necessary for a high attendance period. Wind tunnel rent requires a smaller financial investment without losing the moment of surprise for shoppers.


Aerodium Announcement


AERODIUM invites to deal-making and connecting with decision makers.

You can fin us at Exhibition Stand Nr. 1037 (please look at blue pin on the map), North Hall, Marketplace Mall.
RECon, 19-22 May 2019, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, United States.