Aerodium Launches Shopping Mall Ready Indoor Skydiving Model 2019

No one indoor skydiving vertical wind tunnels company can make the claim that they’ve been in business for 40 years

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 Very early Aerodium indoor skydiving wind tunnel.

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Article published by National Geographic on February 1982

Aerodium Ltd. is producer the world's first public wind tunnel for customer entertainment on the year 1979.

Then there were many important events that Aerodium were the first on the world in their industry:

  • first flying acrobats show at the Torino Olympics in Italy;
  • first recirculation wind tunnel with a fully transparent glass flight chamber at “World EXPO”, China;
  • first wind tunnel with an indoor base jump at “Sirius Sport Resort”, Finland,
  • first flight amphitheater for entertainment purposes at “Flying Dream”, China;
  • recirculation wind tunnel with the tallest glass chamber in the world (12m) at “Gravity Indoor Skydiving”, Bahrain;
  • currently the best open-air tunnel presented for USA market at IAAPA expo 2017. Orlando, USA;
  • tunnel that has the biggest flight area in the World at London, UK.

Continuing the tradition of being the first to be followed by a very important statement of a completely new wind tunnel concept presentation at the Recon exhibition in Las Vegas, May 20-22, 2019. It’s  called SHOPPING MALL READY model R2.

Due to the fundamental shift in consumer shopping behavior, savvy developers know that, in order to attract new customers, a shopping mall needs to create an experience-oriented environment to drive sales in stores. Recognizing the challenges that shopping malls face, Aerodium develop a wind tunnel that is easy and cost-effective to install, requires low operational costs, and provides an unforgettable & safe customer experience at its core design.  Model R2 is the first plug & fly wind tunnel!  With a footprint of just 8.2×10.95m/26.9×35.9ft, the R2 is the most compact recirculation tunnel in the market. The technology is fully self-contained, therefore it is possible to easily install into an existing building with minimal civil works.

Forbes says “Retail Owners Look to Fountains to Provide Intangible Gains”

Don't invest in a boring fountain and watch your investment go down the drain! Bring the "WOW" factor to your shopping mall with an indoor skydiving wind tunnel and watch your income skyrocket!

Spend time indoor.

Indoor entertainment center are increasingly preferred as entertainment and leisure options by families over outdoor entertainment center in order to ensure that environmental factors and weather changes do not affect any fun time or experience of customers.

The presence of entertainment center at these malls allows customers to spend quality time with their family and friends, while playing games and other indoor sports. Hence, entertainment center are becoming favourite hangout places for families with a combination of shopping, eating, and play area. Family entertainment center are attracting families in large numbers, which is expected to positively impact revenue growth of the market.
Profitability of Indoor Parks – simultaneously, indoor parks are both within greater reach and more profitable to most developers and operators.

Main ADVANTAGES for  indoor skydiving business with most compact model R2:

  • 1. EASIEST integration into a new or existing building
  • 2. LOWEST running costs
  • 3. BEST customer experience in the market.

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