Efficient training
for paratroopers, special forces, and military sports teams


AERODIUM is the most experienced vertical wind tunnel manufacturer for the military, and the only one that offers full product range between low and high budget categories.  


A wind tunnel allows one to train a set of special skills efficiently: essential skills & mental preparation for a free fall; free fall maneuvers, recovery from unstable positions; free fall with full equipment attached– weapons, night vision, oxygen masks, baggage containers, etc.


More importantly, workouts can be performed for unlimited flight time in a safe environment and any weather conditions.

  • Increased cadet safety 

  • Longer, more advanced & cost effective workouts

  • Possibilities to train in any season and any weather

  • Cutting edge airflow and video management system

We offer

Vertical wind tunnel 

Vertical wind tunnel technology (existing model or custom built tunnel), and its installation outdoors or indoors. 

Special training for instructors

Full instructor training course to implement safe & professional training environment, and ongoing tunnel operation. 

IT system

Our specially designed IT system for the military-includes flyers flow management, video recording, and video analysis. 

flight equipment

Full-range of flight equipment for flyers– including flight suits, helmets, and goggles.

Technical training

Training for your local technical manager so he/she will be able to operate and maintain the wind tunnel.

Tunnel maintenance & monitoring

On-site / online operational and technical support as well as regular maintenance checks available.

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